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The Redo: Russell’s Reserve Barrel Pick

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Two years ago, almost exactly to the day, the Bourbon & Banter team descended upon Louisville for our anniversary barrel pick trip. While we toured a lot of great places, the main focus of picking a private barrel of Russell's Reserve - one of my favorite bourbons. I'm not diving into all the details of that trip again but you can read more about it via this link.

We wound up picking two amazing barrels that day including a short barrel that was beyond anything we'd tasted in a Russell's Reserver private pick. Simply put - we were more than stoked to get the bottles to retail.

Unfortunately, it never came to pass. As many long-time readers know, the bottles were never released. While I don't want to go into great detail about what happened, let's just say that Russell's Reserve is my favorite and nothing else will replace it in my mind.

After two long years of working through some details and coordinating schedules I'm thrilled to announce that we're back at Wild Turkey today to "redo" our original Russell's Reserve pick. We've got a larger team in on the action and we're looking forward to picking a barrel that everyone will love.

We will only be picking one barrel this trip but we already have some other picks scheduled in 2020. So, what does that mean for our loyal readers?

What it means is that when these bottles come to our retail partner we'll be providing members of our email list the first chance to buy some bottles. Let me repeat that one more time. You need to be signed-up for our email newsletter to learn about the B&B reader advance purchase option. We won't be posting it to our website.


The bottles will be first come, first serve and when they're gone, well...they're gone.

We'll share more details about the barrel once it's been picked and a name has been assigned to it. We can't wait to share it with everyone who's a part of our community.


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    So, if I got a link to this from an email from B&B, I am on the email list?

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    I was just in Kentucky with my oldest son and father in law last month doing the Bourbon Trail. Our first stop was Wild Turkey and boy did that set the tone for the rest of the trip. Not only is it a beautiful facility, but we met Eddie Russell at one of the rick houses who was about to host a barrel pick, and then met Jimmy Russell who was very conversational and then signed our bottles. I would be extremely interested in joining on one of your “pick trips” next year if you possibly have spots available

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    So is this pick the Bourbon and Banter 1.1? I just picked up this bottle yesterday at Randalls on Jefferson, it was the only bottle they had on the shelf. WOW…this stuff is amazing, you guys picked a WINNER! At 110 proof this stuff is so smooth no burn, great bourbon flavors and the aroma I could smell on for hours.

    1. Patrick Author

      That’s the one! Congrats on finding what is undoubtedly the last bottle in the wild. We’re thrilled you like. Make sure you’re on our email list as we’ve got a Four Roses Single Barrel Pick arriving in March 2020 via Randall’s. Cheers!

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