Who’s Leading The Bourbon Conversation On Twitter Infographic – March 2013

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It’s been quite a while since we checked in to see how popular the hashtag #bourbon had become on Twitter. 

Based on the last month of Twitter activity, it looks like #bourbon has been used a total of 8,409 times. That’s an increase of almost 3,000 since we lasted reported on it’s usage in September 2012. Looks like some of our efforts to spread the bourbon gospel are working.

#bourbon was used 425 times on the peak day with Tom over at BourbonBlog.com leading the way. In fact, BourbonBlog.com was the most influential user at the beginning, middle and end of the month.  Would somebody please buy Tom a glass of bourbon or something. (In all seriousness though, make sure you check out what he’s got going on over at BourbonBlog.com or @BourbonBlog. It’s some really cool stuff.)

Along with BourbonBlog.com, @Bourbonville was also one of the users that was engaged in the most outspoken discussion on the topic of bourbon. Congrats!

We’ve come a long way since last year but we haven’t reached my original goal of 10,000 mentions of #bourbon a month. Please share our infographic and encourage your friends to follow us on Twitter and start  using #bourbon on relevant Tweets. Together I know we can not only reach our goal but exceed it.

#bourbon Twitter March 2013




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