Bourbon & Banter Podcast #33 – Count the Bourbons!

The Bourbon & Banter Forensic Under Cover Knowledge Seekers came through BIG this month, giving us the scoop on a new reality show coming to Netflix in 2024.

Bourbon & Banter Podcast #33 – Count the Bourbons!

The 33rd episode of the Bourbon & Banter podcast – Count the Bourbons! - is now available for your listening and drinking pleasure. We’re super excited as we kick off the best damn month of the year: BOURBON HERITAGE MONTH!

Almost a decade ago we started celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month with the #30DaysofBourbon Challenge, where we challenge all our listeners and readers to join us in enjoying a different bourbon every day for the entire thirty days of September. No ryes, no Scotch, JUST BOURBON! Check out Pops’ Ultimate Guide to the 30 Days of Bourbon Challengeyou .

How do you enjoy BHM ’23 even more? By joining the Bourbon & Banter Community! This private Facebook group allows us to communicate in real-time with no space for all the dreaded things many groups are bogged down with. You know, crotch shots and photos of 18 unopened bottles of whatever Buffalo Trace expression someone cares too much about to drink.

We’ve also held back a few bottles from our Bourbon & Banter Single Barrels to celebrate BHM ’23. If you haven’t grabbed yours yet, we urge you to do so while you can. The barrels we’ve selected are unique compared to regularly available. As a reminder, our retail partner can ship NATIONWIDE now for a flat rate that’s beyond reasonable. Buy some today!

The WHISKEY NEWS starts with the news that Molson Coors has acquired Blue Run Spirits. Who knew that a butterfly could take an overpriced, sourced bottle so far? We’ll have more on this next month, as we’ve already learned that some of our friends that Blue Run brought on to grow the brand will be unemployed by the time you read this because of the acquisition. This isn’t the first time we’ve had friends suffer at the hands of a merger…something we’ll be ruminating on for a future segment of Bourbon Bullshit.

Other recent news items include a report that President Biden’s Alcohol Czar may be recommending that everyone basically stop drinking. This would match Canadian guidelines. Why the hell are we following Canada’s guidance on drinking?!?!?!

Our biggest fans, the folks at Sazerac and Buffalo Trace Distillery, recently won their lawsuit against someone selling mini bottles of WL Weller on Etsy. Yes, folks, someone thought they could get Weller minis on Etsy. We close out the news with a story on how Oscar Mayer apparently hit a home run with folks who wanted to drink their beer through a hot dog. Bob is left with one question: why?

NEW RELEASES are bountiful this time of year, or at least press releases would lead you to think so. Will you actually see any of them? Probably not, but if you do, Pops takes us on a quick tasting of the 135th Anniversary Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch and the 2023 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.

Heaven Hill’s Parker’s Heritage will be a rye whiskey this year, and Maker’s Mark announced their first cellar-aged limited edition. The Mary Dowling Whiskey Company releases their lineup, a joint venture between Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Whiskey Maker Kaveh Zamanian and Pernod Ricard. The brand was created to celebrate one of American whiskey history’s most remarkable people, “The Mother of Bourbon,” Mary Dowling.

The releases keep coming with Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finish Rye and George Remus Repeal Reserve VII, which now comes from Ross & Squibb, but we still say MGP. Then there’s Blue Run’s first limited edition since the acquisition, Trifecta, a triple-aged Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. $180 for a pewter butterfly and a blended, sourced bourbon with nothing older than nine years? Mmmmmkay….

The Bourbon & Banter Forensic Under Cover Knowledge Seekers came through BIG this month, giving us the scoop on a new reality show coming to Netflix in 2024. Bourbon singles will do some mingling with both whiskey and possibly with hearts, all with the Four Roses Cox’s Creek Warehouse and Bottling Facility serving as the backdrop. Rumors are swirling as to who will be involved. The one question we have: Will Dan Gardner be playing the role of Cupid?

We close the episode with the most honest segment in all of bourbon podcasting…BOURBON BULLSHIT. It’s been around since we were kids, but we never thought we’d be looking at Dungeon’s and Dragon’s themed bourbon. Sixteen different bottles…SIXTEEN…all priced at $150 each! They’ll sell too, fast! Then they’ll sit on a shelf and will never be opened. More bullshit, and we’re here to bring it to you.

A recent article from Food & Wine attempted to normalize the $150 price tag on the new Maker’s Mark limited release. Is it in line with other LE’s? Yes. Does that mean it’s a normal price point? NO! The majority of us will never see a $150 bottle as an affordable bottle. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Jefferson’s has unveiled Tropics: Aged in Humidity. What’s next? Seriously, WHAT will they roll out next? We ponder that question with a few interesting ideas that Trey may want to consider.

So much bullshit rolling through our feeds lately that we had to pick and choose, but we roll onward with ANOTHER Fireball release, KFC betraying their namesake for their first foray into spirits, and the rise of whiskey influencers.

As the most honest podcast in bourbon, we don't pull any punches, and we tell it as we see it. If you've been searching for a bourbon podcast that provides honest commentary, to-the-point information, and doesn't take itself too seriously – welcome home!

Here’s the breakdown for Episode #33 – Count the Bourbons!

·       11:43          Whiskey News

·       23:48          New Releases

·       55:30          Bourbon Bullshit

Are you ready? Pour yourself a drink, get comfortable, and listen to Episode 33 using the player above or your favorite podcast player.

Warning: If you're not comfortable with unapologetic, independent thinking, plus a healthy dose of swearing, you might want to skip this one, folks. It's recorded at barrel strength with full-throttle banter.

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Have a great weekend, and remember to stay safe while spreading the bourbon gospel and learning to #drinkcurious.

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