Our recent post titled, "How the Bourbon Crusaders Determined the Best Bourbons on the Shelf" has garnered much attention and has resulted in some fantastic online discussions. From those discussions, we heard folks wishing they could see the initial full list of 60 bourbons that the Bourbon Crusaders used as their starting point. We're thrilled to be able to bring that entire list to you below. However, before you dive in, make sure you read the criteria used in picking the initial field of 60 bourbons.

The field of 60 bourbons selected includes KDA members with national distribution. No store picks or limited editions were included. Single barrel picks and batch releases are tricky due to variation from year to year, but were included where they are readily available and represent a quality brand expression.

Best on the Shelf Field of 60 Image

Bourbon & Banter would like to thank the Bourbon Crusaders for allowing us to share this full list of 60 bourbons with our readers who were interested in knowing more about their sampling and ranking projects.


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    I am surprised Weller’s wasn’t in the 60 that were taste tested. I understand why Weller’s 12 wasn’t cuz you can’t find it any more. So all they did was push me to Scotch Aberfeldy 12 year old. Which is readily available everyday in the stores. Weller’s loss not mine. I do love your blog

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