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Bourbon Jam Cocktail Recipe

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Several weeks ago I was contacted by a PR firm asking if Bourbon & Banter would be interested in having one of the mixologists that represented create a cocktail for Bourbon & Banter in celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month. Never one to turn down a free drink I jumped at the chance but requested that cocktails meet two very specific criteria:

  1. It must use one of my favorite bourbons – Antique Weller*
  2. It has to be easy enough to make at home without the need for expensive or hard to acquire ingredients

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m pleased to share with everyone the Bourbon Jam crafted by Steven Robbins, the Bar Manager at Contigo in Austin, TX.

I’ve seen variations on this theme before but what I really like about Steven’s version is the simplicity of the ingredients and how they match the flavor profile and proof of the Antique Weller. I served this to several guests over the weekend and it was a huge hit. Everyone really enjoyed the tangy flavor that reminded them of a punch but without the overbearing sweetness that you often find in fruit punches.

As you know I’m not really into sweet cocktails but this one was pretty tasty. I think it’s the tangy profile that makes it interesting. And since it contains blackberry jam it makes the perfect early morning drink as well. Give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments.

Bourbon Jam

  • 2 oz. Bourbon (Weller)
  • Barspoon of Blackberry jam
  • .75 oz Lemon Juice
  • Barspoon honey
  • Shake strain over ice and top with a little soda. (I used 7-Up when I tested the recipe out but Club Soda works just as well if you want it less sweet.)
This one can even be made in batches ahead of a party. Just hold off on topping off with soda until you serve it over ice. Enjoy!

*Before anyone gets on my case for putting good bourbon in a cocktail please remember that cocktails are only as good as the booze in them. Antique Weller is a perfect bourbon to use. Great flavor without breaking the bank. There’s no crime in that my friends.


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    Here’s a crazy idea how about adding…. Soda, or 7-Up to the ingredients list… you know since it’s the main one.

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