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Buffalo Trace Introduces Old Charter Oak Bourbon

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New Collection of Whiskeys Explores and Celebrates the Role Oak Plays in Making Great Whiskey

FRANKFORT, FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY (Dec. 6, 2018) – Have you ever wondered how barrels made from trees that grew in different countries, climates, and soil would affect the flavors of the whiskey?  Buffalo Trace Distillery began wondering this about 15 years ago and took it to a completely new level, resulting in a re-imagined whiskey brand called Old Charter Oak.

Most bourbon whiskey is aged in oak from the American Ozarks, but Buffalo Trace  Distillery wondered if barrels made from oak trees grown in China, or Canada, or France would create bourbons with a different taste profile.  What about trees grown in different states?  Does a barrel produced from a tree grown in Georgia differ from a barrel produced from a tree grown in Oregon?  Further, what about red oak, or pin oak, or laurel oak, would barrels produced from these oak species produce bourbons with different taste profiles?

By Federal standards, bourbon is required to be aged in a new, charred oak container. But there is no specification it must be American white oak, it’s just that nearly all bourbons made today are aged in white oak.  This new Old Charter Oak line is an entire collection of bourbon aged in oak barrels from different oak varietals, and is designed to explore, honor, and celebrate the role of oak in making great whiskey. The oak trees used for this brand will vary by country of origin, or species, or U.S. state. Some barrels are even made from century oaks, 100, 200, or 300 year old oak trees.

All the Old Charter Oak Bourbon series will be released over time, starting with the first release of Mongolian Oak Bourbon this winter. In 2019, there will be two other new releases, from oak trees harvested from other countries. Subsequent releases are planned a few times each year, indefinitely.  “As of now, we have bourbon aging for the Old Charter Oak collection set for release now through 2030, but we’ll keep producing more each year for more new whiskeys beyond that,” said Kris Comstock, senior marketing director.

The first release in this series, Mongolian Oak, is a bourbon aged in barrels from trees grown in Mongolia, which were sourced by Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley in 2006, but it was 2008 before the barrels arrived at Buffalo Trace and filled with Buffalo Trace’s Mash #1.   Aged 10 years, the Mongolian Oak tastes vastly different from bourbons aged in barrels made from traditional American white oak, although not overpowering, this new whiskey is full bodied.  “We know, from previous research we’ve done, how important oak is to the final taste profile.  The barrel is responsible for about 50% of the flavor profile in bourbon,” stated Wheatley.  “So it only made sense to take that one step further and see how different barrels from different oak tree varieties would taste in comparison to what we think of as ‘traditional’ oak barrels.”   The suggested retail pricing for the Mongolian Oak is $69.99, but the different oak varieties released over the years will have different price points, all in a similar range.

Old Charter Oak will be packaged in an upscale package, glass bottle with a cork finish. Each bottle will have an oak medallion on the front depicting the Charter Oak tree.

Old Charter is a brand that has always celebrated the central role that oak plays in making great whiskey, given its namesake. The brand dates back to 1874, when Adam and Ben Chapeze created the bourbon, naming it in honor of the Charter Oak tree, a famous symbol of American independence and free spirit, which grew in Connecticut in the 12th or 13th century until it fell in a storm in 1856.

Old Charter changed owners a few times, until it was purchased by Buffalo Trace Distillery in 1999.  The existing Old Charter Bourbon is still produced by parent company Sazerac and there are no plans to discontinue it. The Old Charter Oak series is an upscale brand extension, much like Buffalo Trace has done with its E. H. Taylor, Jr, line.

The Mongolian Oak Bourbon will be available starting in December 2018, but supplies will be limited. These whiskeys will be bottled at 90 proof.  More information can be found about the Old Charter Oak series www.oldcharteroak.com

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    1. Patrick Author

      Allocation is going to be extremely limited I’ve been told so you need to start asking your favorite liquor stores now about it. If you haven’t already built a relationship with them over the years it will be tough to get a bottle. As with all allocated whiskey building strong relationships with your stores are the best way to find yourself in a position to get your hands on a nice bottle. It’s also likely that your local stores may hold it and put into their lotteries for special releases. And if that all fails, you can check out the secondary market if you don’t mind paying severely inflated prices for what may or may not be a mediocre bottle. BT is not providing samples to bloggers for review (they say there’s too little of the product) so we can’t offer up our POV on it at this time. Good luck with the hunt!

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    My theory- if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’m 74& have drunk lots of good bourbon aged in good old American oak barrels. Hell, that’s what meant by good bourbon. Now somebody wants oak from all these foreign places. Next we will be aging it in China. Of course, this will increase the price since they have to import the wood etc. News Flash. Mess with my brand of American type bourbon, & I’ll be drinking some other brand that sticks with what bourbon is all about. I don’t like foreign crap of any kind that changes stuff.I am America, don’t drink foreign booze or drive jap crap cars either.

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    Innovation is a wonderful thing. Thanks for the heads up on this bourbon. It is unlikely the state of Washington will get any; However, I am hitting the Bourbon Trail next year. Will have to look for it at the gift shop. Cheers.

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    Any plans on releasing sample packs in the future? I can’t be the only one wondering this.

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