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Introducing Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release: Stave Profile RC6

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2019 Installment in Wood Finishing Series Pushes Boundaries to Derive Enhanced Flavor from Wood

Loretto, Ky. (September 11, 2019) – Maker’s Mark® today announced the launch of its first-ever nationally available limited-release bourbon, Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release: Stave Profile RC6. This cask strength expression of Maker’s Mark® Bourbon is finished with proprietary wood staves, referred to as Stave Profile RC6. The staves amplify notes of ripe fruit balanced with layers of baking spice a taste profile inspired by the brand’s proprietary yeast strain used to produce its classic Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Only 255 barrels of the limited release bourbon will be produced, with bottles available at select retail locations beginning in late September.

This special edition bourbon is the first limited release in the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series, a collection of Maker’s Mark expressions that use an innovative wood stave-finishing technique to enhance distinctive characteristics already present in Maker’s Mark® Bourbon. The series includes existing offerings Maker’s Mark 46TM and Maker’s Mark Private Select® and the distillery plans to introduce new limited-edition bourbons to the Series in the coming years.

“We have been experimenting with wood finishing staves and techniques since we first released Maker’s Mark 46 in 2010, and it never ceases to amaze me how much natural flavor we can extract from just ten wood staves interacting with our bourbon over a period of time,” said Jane Bowie, Maker’s Mark Director of Private Select. “Stave finishes allow us to innovate with an already delicious product in a purposeful fashion, exploring different wood types, seasoning periods, cook times, and heat levels until we achieve the exact flavor vision we have in mind. We’re excited to share the distinct possibilities with whisky fans, starting with the 2019 Limited Release.”

The 2019 Limited Release was created to introduce a version of Maker’s Mark that amplified the ripe fruit notes already found in the distillery’s proprietary yeast, balancing sweetness and spice. This specific vision was achieved by finishing fully-matured, cask strength Maker’s Mark Bourbon in a second barrel with ten proprietary “RC6” wood staves. The barrels were then rested in the Maker’s Mark limestone bourbon cellar, allowing the cask strength bourbon to interact with the staves to develop the expression’s unique flavor.

Developed over the course of two years in partnership with barrel producer Independent Stave Company, Stave Profile RC6 is made from American Oak that has first been exposed to the outdoors, or “seasoned,” for an extended 18 months before being toasted in a convection oven.

Bottled at 108.2 proof, each 750mL bottle of the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release will retail for a suggested $59.99 and will be available while supplies last.

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    WOW, Sarah, you are a real princess, aren’t you. Think about what you read, and then rethink your post. DUH.

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    Ha ha ha… its not even released yet and sarah wants a rating…
    Sarah, its probably crappy like the rest of the Maker’s Mark line up and thus a reach for Makers to try and get some limited release revenue to compete with the other distilleries.

    4 out of 10 for Sarah…

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    Have you tried a Makers Select before?

    May change your tune. I’ve bought a house Select at the distillery, and three different Selects from liquor stores. One of my favorites, and I’ve got an assortment.

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    Lighten up Sarah, new product will have a rating you can look to in due time.

    Makers Select is a nice choice: very smooth over 1-2 rocks and 5-10 minutes. That Makers taste, PLUS, will come through for you. Great tasting Whiskey.

    Thanks Makers. Keep up the great work your doing.

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    I have started collecting rare bottles of Makers Mark and living in Australia it is a REAL struggle to get anything shipped directly. I would LOVE it if someone could tell me of a retailer that stocks this Wood Finishing release? I can then go through the process of getting it shipped to a re-forwarder, then to an address in the US then hopefully to me here in Sydney! haha. Maybe I should do some sort of contra deal with Tim Tams and Vegemite?!?! haha

    Any info would be greatly appreciated as I hunt around online looking for US liquor retailers that can ship whisky but run out of options a lot. The US has a lot different rules than Australia re the shipping of spirits!

    Thanks everyone! (anyone!??!) 🙂 Adrian

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    I rang around tonnes of stores and had no luck. I then got onto a lady in Louisville via LinkedIn (I’m in Australia) and she went to her local and they had 6 bottles! (I bought all 6 sorry). Try stores in Kentucky as they seemed to be the ones who go more. Total Wine in St Matthews said they were getting some more stock soon. I do know that the distillery has them in stock currently as that was going to be my next option. Good luck!!!

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    I was able to find it in one of the larger liquor stores in central New Jersey. Limit of two bottles for customer.

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    Also, go to Total Wine website. Maybe they have and could ship.


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