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A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey Review

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Every drop of whiskey we sell is made 100% from grain to bottle at our distillery located in Denver, Colorado. We have never sourced one drop of whiskey and we never will. We let American whiskey’s four mother grains inspire us to not only create our four grain straight bourbon, but also to break each grain out into its own expression, showcasing its contribution to the bourbon.Al Laws
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A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey

NOSE: Distinctive Rye Note  |  Floral  |  Butterscotch  |  Mint

TASTE: Honey  |  Rye Spice  |  Orange Peel  |  Mint

FINISH: Spicy rye finish that bites the tip of your tongue mingled with orange peel that leads to a slow burn and huge surge in the back of your throat. (I love that surge!) It was very well balanced right up to the end where some bitter notes emerged.

SHARE WITH: I would share this with anyone who drinks whiskey and enjoys a good rye.

WORTH THE PRICE: An MSRP of $75.00 is a big number for a craft whiskey. But I have to say this is one of the best craft produced rye’s I’ve tried. So among the craft set, it’s worth the $75.00 price.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: This one has limited release so if you’re into exploring rye whiskeys and have the cash pick up a bottle. All others should be fine grabbing a drink in a bar for a reasonable price.

OVERALL: The nose is lovely on this rye whiskey. Sharp, distinct rye notes with a blend of floral, butterscotch, and mint make me wish I could get a candle made out of this whiskey. The mouthfeel is silky, and up front, the flavors meld perfectly. It’s not as rich and complex as an older rye, but it’s got a lot of great things going on for it. The bitter notes that come out during the finish are the only flaws in what is otherwise a very well done rye whiskey. If you love rye whiskey and have the cash, I think you’ll enjoy spending some time getting to know this release.

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A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey Background Info

Laws Whiskey House Releases Batch B17 of their Award-winning A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey and 6th Anniversary Celebration

Denver CO – June 21, 2017 —  Laws Whiskey House (LWH) announced today that they have released Batch B17 of their award-winning A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey, which earlier this year was awarded World’s Best Rye for 2017 at the World Whiskies Awards by Whiskey Magazine. This expression meets the high standards for the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 and is coaxed from a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% barley malt. Distilled, aged and bottled by LWH in Denver, this whiskey was aged over 4 years in new, full-sized, 53-gallon, char #3, American white oak barrels.

Laws Whiskey House focuses exclusively on traditional American-style whiskeys made from the four American mother grains; corn, wheat, rye and barley. Bottled in Bond (Bonded) whiskey is a cornerstone in the LWH lineup. Bonded whiskeys are bottled under U.S. government supervision and must be the production of a single season, single distillery, single DSP, aged in a federally-bonded warehouse for at least four years, and bottled at 100 proof. Last year, Laws Whiskey House was the first distillery in Colorado history to produce a Bottled in Bond whiskey and released the first Bottled in Bond expression in the rapidly-growing Four Grain Straight Bourbon category. The distillery currently offers four Bottled in Bond expressions complimented by several other non-bonded straight whiskeys.

Following 200 cases of Batch A17, availability of B17 is expected to be 300 9-liter cases, with distribution in CO, NY, NJ, DC, IL, MN, WI, WA, TX, AK and TN. MSRP of the 750 mL will be $75. The next release of Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye Whiskey is not expected until November 2017.

Disclaimer: Laws Whiskey House provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their product for this review. We appreciate their willingness to allow us to review their products with no strings attached. Thank you.

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