New Riff Distilling Building

A Visit to New Riff Distilling

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I’ve been traveling across the country for the past three weeks visiting distilleries both large and small. Today I’m excited to share with you details of our trip to New Riff Distilling.

This video hopefully a rebirth of our Bourbon Across America series and I want to thank New Riff co-founders Ken Lewis and Jay Erisman for donating their time to me when I stopped by. They’ve create a fantastic distillery and it’s definitely one to watch.

Pour yourself a drink and enjoy our Bourbon Across America visit to New Riff Distilling.

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    Glad to hear that someone is doing it the right way. There are very very few craft distilleries that actually make their own juice that I can enjoy. Making bourbon is very complicated and normally I prefer to go with someone with years of experience like Buffalo Trace or Heaven Hill etc… because they just know how to do it right. I’m very curious to try some of this stuff (really stoked to try the rye too) if it ever makes its way out to Los Angeles. Everything I’ve seen in this video seems to point to a product that I will enjoy drinking 😀 Can’t wait to try it someday!!!

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