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New Riff Distillery Opens in Newport Kentucky

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At the end of May I got to attend a media sneak peek at the newly opened New Riff Distillery. As it was being constructed, I could tell it was going to be a beautiful facility with a lot of serious investment behind it. During my visit I spent the afternoon talking with the production manager, Jay Erisman, learning about the research, planning, and science that has gone into creating New Riff. Ever since that day and other events I attended since then, I am firmly convinced that this will be a world-class distillery and treasure for local whiskey lovers.

Photo of the New Riff Distillery column stillThe outside of New Riff is impressive, with a glass tower showing off the 60 foot column still. Inside, the copper was polished and ready for photos. The large glass windows, stone walls and urban location reminded me of the Town Branch distillery in Lexington, but as Jay walked me through the distillery it became clear that New Riff was going to be a very different distillery than Town Branch.

To start with, the equipment is different. New Riff has both a column and pot still so that they will be able to produce a variety of spirits, even adding some modifications to the traditional column still so that adjustments can be made to the distillation process at all levels. Jay pointed out over and over again little details they had adjusted or changed to ensure that they would be producing the highest level of whiskey they could. Everything from the angle of the mash tubs, to the placement of the grain silos has been deliberately calculated. Not just for the product they will start producing this week, but also for what they hope to be making ten years from now.

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Everyone who opens a new distillery has to create a story behind their brand. As readers of Bourbon and Banter will know, many distilleries do this by telling you about their grandfather – the moonshiner and the secret recipe he handed down. These stories are charming but often you find the facts don’t always add up when you scratch below the surface. That’s why I was so impressed by New Riff’s attitude toward the outside resources they are using to get started.

One resource in particular is the consultant who was instrumental in the development of New Riff, Larry Ebersold.  Ebersold is the former master distiller at the MGP distillery in Lawrenceburg and Jay repeatedly credited him for his contributions to New Riff. And speaking of that Lawrenceburg distillery, that’s also the source of the OKI Reserve bourbon that New Riff will begin selling later this summer.

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Rather than bottling and passing off sourced bourbon as their own, they’ve created a separate label – OKI Reserve – that’s clearly labeled as “made in Indiana, bottled in Kentucky, and enjoyed in Ohio.” Neither hiring a consultant or bottling a sourced bourbon are at all unusual in the world of whiskey, but it is rare enough for a distillery to even admit doing it, let alone celebrate it.

Photo of event space at New Riff Distillery Although small compared to other well-known bourbon producers, New Riff is large for a micro-distillery and even though they just opened their doors, they are planning for growth. In the meantime, while waiting for the barrels to age, you will be able to book one of their two beautiful event spaces for private parties. You can also become a part of their innovative Ranger Program. Becoming a New Riff Ranger not only gives you a lifetime membership, a discount at the gift shop, and bragging rights, it allows entitles you to one personalized bottle of single barrel bourbon four years after you purchase your membership. Buy one for your friend’s wedding this summer and they can toast you with their bottle on their 4th anniversary.

Needless to say, I left New Riff feeling very excited. It’s great to see that our area’s distilling history is starting to be revived alongside its brewing history. In New Riff Distilling I feel like the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region will finally have a bourbon we can be proud of. 

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