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The #BOURBON Toast Results Are In

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We love our online #BOURBON community. You guys are simply amazing!

We put out a request for help toasting #BOURBON in order to break our single day Tweet record and you guys crushed it.

Individuals from around the world helped us toast #BOURBON as well as the big brand themselves like Four Roses, Willet, Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill and Jim Beam. It was simply amazing to watch it all unfold on Friday. We are extremely humbled by everyone’s willingness to come out and support our toast to America’s Native Spirit. 

What where the results of our #BOURBON toasting efforts?

On Friday, there was a total of 1,733 tweets that used the hashtag #BOURBON. That’s almost a 370% increase over the daily average of just 370.

Holy crap that’s almost 5x the number of #BOURBON tweets!

That’s a huge increase in just one day and no major ad campaign or budget to promote the toast.  You guys rock!

30 Day Bourbon Trend

We may not have gotten #BOURBON trending on Twitter but we definitely kicked ass.

At 1,733 tweets, #BOURBON trounced the daily averages for #vodka (1,295), #tequila (1,592) and gin (484).

Let everyone remember that Friday, September 27, 2013 belonged to #BOURBON.

Here’s a few other notable nuggets resulting from everyone’s toast to #BOURBON on Friday:

  • 2.6 million estimated impressions on Twitter
  • 1,733 tweets by 969 people (imagine if we could get 5,000 people to toast #BOURBON)
  • Tweet type: 54% retweets | 32% regular tweet | 14% replies

And for those of you who enjoy a good word cloud here’s one from the day of the toast:

Bourbon Word Cloud Image


We want to thank everyone again for being a part of our historic toast to #BOURBON. We definitely achieved our goal of setting a new record for #BOURBON while beating out the other top liquors on Twitter. We’re already looking forward to next year and hope to beat this year’s record by a huge margin.

PS – To celebrate the success of our toast make sure to watch @BourbonBanter on Twitter today. We’re giving away a Mint Julep Bourbon Tour to one lucky winner today who helps share the results of our toast. Look for our tweet & maybe you’ll get a free tour as the ultimate thank you. Good luck!


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