Patrick "Pops" Garrett

Founder & Chief Drinking Officer

Born in the shadows of the legendary Anheuser-Busch Brewery to parents that rarely drank, Patrick grew up observing drinking culture from the sidelines. He moved to Japan after high school and spent several of his formative adult years immersed in the infamous Japanese drinking culture. After successfully mastering the Japanese art of drink (or survived if you will), Patrick returned to life in the US and still had no clue what bourbon was all about. It was only after he was married and raising his children did he discover his love for bourbon. Upon finding his beverage soulmate Patrick set about finding others that shared his passion for America’s Native Spirit and started As our Chief Bourbon Drinker (CBD), Patrick is responsible for charting the course of Bourbon & Banter while we pursue our goal of spreading the bourbon gospel across the globe. Should you ever encounter him in a social situation make sure to introduce yourself. You’re sure to find yourself engaged with quality banter and a free glass of bourbon.

Curious as to how our humble little bourbon community got started? Check out the very first entry posted on Bourbon & Banter's website.


Fun Facts

Spent a year in Osaka, Japan as a Rotary Exchange student after high school.

Graduated with a Japanese Studies degree from Earlham College.

Didn't drink whiskey while living in Japan. (wait, what?)

Played lacrosse in college and was given his nickname by the team.

Lives near the Exorcist house in St. Louis.

Owns a digital marketing agency and Patrick Garrett Photography.

Desert Island Whiskey

George T. Stagg

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

Blanton's Gold Label

Elijah Craig Cask Strength

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye

“Bourbon is easy to understand. Tastes like a warm summer day.”Raylan Givens