Stagg Wins 'Best Bourbon'—In Other News, Water is Wet

To be fair, at least this is a great whiskey winning the top prize. However, given the number of awards won by the whiskey named after a suffer-no-fools distiller, these competitions are boring for everyone except Buffalo Trace.

Stagg Wins 'Best Bourbon'—In Other News, Water is Wet

Surprise! (not) Stagg voted ‘World’s Best Bourbon’ in International Whisky Competition

Forbes writer Brad Japhe wrote it kindly in his June 21 Forbes story about George T. Stagg winning World’s Best Bourbon in the 2024 International Whisky Competition: “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

Stagg wins in whiskey faceoffs like Kim Jong Il won golf matches—by wide but truthful margins.

Japhe has a good sense of humor, so a snarky lede would have been well within his reach. But snark isn’t Forbes’ style, and earning a living is Japhe’s style. So, he gets a pass. But seeing so much published on interlarded with snark, I’m taking my own stab at it. A few preferred options: