Bourbon & Banter Podcast #34 – Right In The Nards

This month, we introduce a new segment – BOURBON & BANGIN’. A report on the state of the dating scene with a lens on coupling for the more bourbon-inclined. Erin reminds everyone: “Don’t bang it if it’s a bust!”

Bourbon & Banter Podcast #34 – Right In The Nards

The 34th episode of the Bourbon & Banter podcast – Right In the Nards! - is now available for your listening and drinking pleasure. We’re sobering up after Bourbon Heritage Month but there’s no time for rest, as things have continued to roll full steam since we last recorded.

BHM ’23 was a HUGE success, with more than 13 million impressions happening across social media. The #30daysofbourbon Challenge brought everyone together, and we look forward to BHM ’24.

The Bourbon & Banter Community had a ton of great conversations this month, particularly regarding overpriced, underwhelming bottles. We share a little of that conversation, which is FAR from over. This private Facebook group allows us to communicate in real-time with no space for all the dreaded things many groups are bogged down with. 

The Bourbon & Banter Single Barrel Group will pick a barrel at Four Roses and Green River later this month, two expressions that have become favorites for us.

The WHISKEY NEWS starts with more on Blue Run Spirits, which we had commentary on last month. Their new limited edition release, Trifecta, has inspired us to take a bigger stand on one of our favorite topics: PRICING! We have launched, where you can pick up our brand-new shirt that says just that. We encourage everyone to grab one and wear it to any whiskey-related event you’re at.

Actor and former WWE champion Dave Bautista has joined the ownership group of Devil’s River Whiskey. Pops and Bob have had this whiskey, remembering when a local grocery store couldn’t give this stuff away. Bob thinks the whiskey is similar to Bautista's wrestling career: overrated.

Justin’s House of Bourbon is running into more issues with the Kentucky ABCThe Italians have purchased Sagamore Spirit, which prompts the question, “when will we see the Disaronno Amaretto finished rye whiskey from Sagamore?” Barrel Craft Spirits is building a new blending facility, and Milam & Greene CEO Heather Greene has been honored as “Master Blender of the Year” by Bourbon Women.

The NEW RELEASES spotlight is, once again, led by Buffalo Trace with their announcement of another special collection nobody will ever see. A thousand bucks for five 375ml bottles, including two new Stagg expressions, keeps Sazerac and Buffalo Trace at the top of our “here we go with this bullshit” list.

Woodford Reserve’s new  Toasted Oak Four Grain is the first release in their Distillery Series under new Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall’s leadership. There’s a new two-hundred dollar cock on the block too, as Chicken Cock announced their Red Stave Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The red comes from the Petite Syrah barrels the bourbon is finished in, not from the blood rushing to Bob’s head when he heard about another $200 bottle hitting the market. Ross & Squibb Distillery announced the return of the most-limited member of the Remus Bourbon family: Remus Gatsby Reserve 2023 Edition.

Bardstown Bourbon Company continues their Discover and Collaboration series with two new releases. In a first for the distillery, this edition of the Discovery Series includes a bourbon that was estate-distilled at Bardstown Bourbon Co. Basil Hayden is back with another new expression because we need another Basil Hayden expression…. Their new malted rye whiskey will be a permanent line extension.

We close our new release spotlight with the news that Copper & Kings is releasing a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey made from a blend of 5-, 10- and 15-year bourbons. This is a flavor-forward remix of the Kentucky tradition and is finished in American Apple Brandy barrels for 12 months.

Given the in-depth, exclusive information that we’re able to obtain via our Bourbon & Banter F.U.C.K.S. (forensic undercover knowledge seekers) team, it’s not surprise that some of the members are distillery workers. This month our crack team stationed at Buffalo Trace really came through for us, with a story unveiling several issues discovered last fall when Sazerac Executive Chairman Mark Brown was on site to film an episode of Undercover CEO. The filming was cut short, and the episode never aired, but you’ll have to listen to find out why.

This month, we introduce a new segment aimed at those of you looking for love in the bourbon and whiskey arena. Our Senior Contributor and Cocktail Editor Erin Petrey introduces us to BOURBON & BANGIN’, a report on the state of the dating scene with a lens on coupling for the more bourbon-inclined. Erin reminds everyone: “Don’t bang it if it’s a bust!”

We close the episode with the most honest segment in all of bourbon podcasting…BOURBON BULLSHIT. Chuck Cowdery recently shared the communication he received from the Kentucky Distiller’s Association as a Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame member. They’re giving out some nifty new awards that past inductees didn’t receive and wanted to offer them…for purchase…to those inductees…FOR A THOUSAND DOLLARS!

We then revisit a topic that we’ve talked about over the years and will continue to do so: sexism in the whiskey industry. A new study was released by OurWhiskey Foundation, revealing staggering information about how rampant this bullshit continues to be. This prompts some new thoughts for us on how to combat this horseshit behavior and inspired our episode title. Let’s say these boots were made for kicking…RIGHT IN THE NARDS!

We close out our bullshit segment with a ridiculous new release we were made aware of. We get to express ourselves with appropriate language, but this stuff…. Well, just listen.

As the most honest podcast in bourbon, we don't pull any punches, and we tell it as we see it. If you've been searching for a bourbon podcast that provides honest commentary, to-the-point information, and doesn't take itself too seriously – welcome home!

Here’s the breakdown for Episode #32 – Back in the Saddle Again.

  • 10:55          Whiskey News
  • 27:42          New Releases
  • 56:17          Bourbon & Bangin’
  • 1:09:18       Bourbon Bullshit

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Warning: If you're not comfortable with unapologetic, independent thinking, plus a healthy dose of swearing, you might want to skip this one folks. It's recorded at barrel strength with full-throttle banter.

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