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Seed To Shaker: Six Unique Culinary Herbs For Exceptional Garnish

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Craft Cocktails have entered a second golden age. There are more craft distilleries, opening up every day, the big boys are aging more specialty lines, and Instagram allows the sipping enthusiast as well as master mixologists a chance to explore cutting-edge creations in real time as the best in the world push the limits of what is possible. Part of the new golden age equation is the rise of the farm to table movement.

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Bourbon Beyond Borders

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I reported to my current posting here at the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador, in mid-October of 2017…just in time for the annual Marine Ball. Each U.S. Embassy abroad is protected by United States Marines, and each year around the Marine Corps birthday (On November 10, 1775, the Marine Corps was established) there is a formal ball and cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate that birthday and honor the Marine Corps. It is an occasion for us, as U.S. diplomats, to invite host-nation counterparts in order to build relationships/partnerships. In most cases, more than a few adult-flavored beverages are consumed…and the people-watching is fantastic!

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St. George Terroir Gin Review

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Let me just get this out in the open: I like gin. Like, really like gin. I come from a long line of Tanqueray drinkers. I love gin so much I named my Dungeons & Dragons character “Juniper.” I’ve endured so many jokes about drinking pine trees that I can roast myself better than you can, and frankly, someone has to go for the unloved, underappreciated member of the spirits family.

Primarily I drink gin-and-tonics, especially during the muggy hot Indiana summers, but on occasion I run into a gin that stands fine alone, without the aid of a mixer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that in St George Terroir Gin.