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Johnnie Walker Green Label Whisky Review

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While I may be romanticizing the past, the palate is not as complex as I remember it being prior to being discontinued, and a bit sweeter. The older variety (again, at least in my memories) had this umami and dry finish – similar to that which can be found in good parmesan cheese – that is lacking in this one. Without knowing much about blending, my guess is that of some of the stronger, peatier, more mysterious blends are less represented in the current ratio than in past iterations of the Green Label. In this generation, the honey from the nose takes center stage on the palate and is supported by malt and cereal. A bit of water adds a little spice that is absent when drinking it neat. The mouthfeel is relatively light, but the best parts of the flavor profile seem to last longer than everything else, which is a nice surprise.

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Woodford Reserve Malt Whiskey Review

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This bottle was a present to me from my cousin, for a favor I did for him in college, over 46 years ago. I truly did not remember it (even when he told me) but I was glad to receive the bottle. I’m have not been a big Woodford Bourbon fan in the past but find myself enjoying it more recently. When I saw this was a malt whiskey I felt a pang of disappointment because I am not a big fan of American Malt Whiskey. From the first sip of this Woodford Reserve Malt Whiskey however, I was and continue to be pleasantly surprised.

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Belle Meade Bourbon Craftsman Cask Collection: Honey Cask Finish Review

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Just as they did with the Mourvèdre wine cask finish I reviewed this year, the Nelson brothers’ knack for cask finishing is proven again in this release. When given a full bottle sample my habit is to sip and make cocktails from the first half, allowing time for the rest of the whiskey to get some air; shortly after that point, I switch back to neat for reviewing, and then cocktails if there’s any left. Frankly, I’d be hard pressed to do any cocktailing with this. The supple sweetness picked up from the honey darn near makes it a cocktail on its own. If you can find one, I wager you’ll be delighted.

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StilL 630 Experimental Collection Release #12

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This review of StiLl 630’s X-12 marks the completion of the first 12-months of their Experimental Collection release series. What a year it’s been. Only fitting that we mark this occasion with a review of a whiskey style that is making its debut at StiLl 630 – a wheat whiskey. 100% malted red winter wheat aged in a 15-gallon barrel for 14.5 months and bottled at 100 proof. Watch the video and learn more about this month’s special release.