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StilL 630 Experimental Collection Release #1 Review

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This is the first post of a journey that will last 5-years. If everything goes as planned, it’s the first post of what will eventually be a collection of 60 review posts. Each post featuring a different experimental spirit distilled by StilL 630 Distillery. Even as I type this I’m having a hard time grasping what we’ve agreed to partake in and chronicle for readers. God only knows what David Weglarz, the founder of StilL 630, was thinking when he invited us to be a part of his grand project along with one other online blog. Perhaps he was a bit intoxicated from bottling up his first release?

The grand scope of this journey has led us to choose video as our medium for delivering our reviews of each month’s release. We hope it will make reviewing things easier and provide us with an opportunity to explore new forms of delivering Bourbon & Banter content. We’re going to have a video editing learning curve so please be patient. And please help us spread the word about this endeavor so we can help others learn to #DrinkCurious.

That all being said please enjoy the video and let us know what you think about this new endeavor by StilL 630 in the blog comments below or via comments on the video itself over on YouTube.

StilL 630 Experimental Collection Summary

  • A new Experimental Collection release will be available on the 1st Friday of each month (starting in July). Bottles can only be purchased at the distillery.
  • Cost is $20 per 200ml bottle.
  • Samples will be bottled at 100 proof to keep things consistent between releases (bottling proof vermouths and cocktails will vary).
  • Spirits are aged in 15-gallon barrels for 12-24 months.
  • Collection releases will include single malts, bourbons, ryes, brandies, Amaro, barrel-aged gins, and cocktails.
  • 33 recipes are currently aging requiring only 27 spirits to be distilled for the program.

If you find yourself heading down to StilL 630 to pick up a bottle on the 1st Friday of the month, please drop us a note. We’ll keep an eye out for you and get your opinion on the new release.

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    Please send me a bottle I would take a 100.00 dollars worth. Ed Hannan. 216 258-7880 thanks

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