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Boone County Eighteen 33 Bourbon Review

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The finish is unique and complex, ranging from vanilla to a hint of cinnamon and even subtle notes of rye bread. Different people find different things to love. Isn’t that the way it should be? We like to think that we’ve crafted Eighteen 33 to offer something to every bourbon lover.Boone County Distilling Co.
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Boone County Eighteen 33 Bourbon

  • DISTILLER:Distilled at MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana & bottled at Boone County Distilling Co., Boone County, Kentucky.
  • MASH BILL: 74% Corn | 21% Rye | 5% Malted Barley
  • AGE: 10 Years
  • YEAR: 2017
  • PROOF: 90.8 (45.4% ABV)
  • MSRP: $53.99
NOSE: Oak | Vanilla | Spice

TASTE: Carmel | Vanilla | Rye Spices | Slight Oak

FINISH: In spite of not being particular high proof the burn hits you with the first sip which gives way to the more classic bourbon taste profile with oak on the finish. A surprisingly long finish with a relatively thick mouth feel.

SHARE WITH: Bourbon lovers interested in the initial offering from this new distiller. Understanding that it is a sourced distillate, the most pretentious may turn their noses up at. It is a credible offering with promise for the future.

WORTH THE PRICE: At over $50 for 750 ml it is on the high end for what it is, but not out of range for most craft products. I am enjoying it and pleased with my purchase. There are better bourbons at this price point, but this is an interesting change of pace. How can you put a price on something made by ghosts?

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: Boone County Eighteen 33 is clearly not a bust. I voted for a bottle but the conservative among us should try it a bar first, if you can find it. In addition, it does come in an interesting attractive bottle that will stir conversation at anyone’s home bar.

OVERALL: I like the Eighteen 33 for what it is, a sourced bourbon well-chosen and bottled. I am generally not a fan of elaborate back stories, but at least the one seems to have a historical relevance to bourbon of the area. It is interesting, and fun reading, and perhaps a little embellished. I find the nose somewhat light and with little the alcohol burn as one would expect by the proof. The surprising forward burn and medium long finish with some complexity is appreciated. Being around 90 proof, it doesn’t seem to benefit from adding water. Boone County Eighteen 33 has earned awards in tasting competitions and was rated 93 points on

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Additional Background Info

The Boone County Distilling Co. traces the history of distilling in Boone County Kentucky back to 1833.  This is when William Snyder and his brother, began the Petersburg Distillery on the site of their existing flour mill.  The current operations began in 2015, over 100 years since the closing of the Petersburg Distillery in 1910.

While Boone County Distilling operates a 500-gallon copper pot still, the aged bourbon is sourced from MGP in Indiana.   They offer a 10-year and 12-year expression.  According to the label, the distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana is less than 2 miles from the original site of the Petersburg Kentucky distillery.

Eighteen 33 bourbon displays their tag line, “Made by Ghosts”.  This, I believe, refers to the host of colorful characters from the history of Boone County introduced on their website.  The history goes back to 1785 and the original settlers of the county. Like most emerging craft distillers, Boone County has plenty of historic (or histrionic) back stories associated with the names of the products. Raising the ghosts of the long dormant whiskey history in this part of Kentucky.

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    That’s the 10 year which I quite enjoy. There are really good store picks in KY including some 12 & 13 yr bottles.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Being in rural Goergia, i cannot get everything you Kentuckians do. Georgia has a developing craft market of it own. …and not only moonshine. Stay tuned.

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    You can get this at Costco in Alpharetta. I was impressed with this bourbon and think it competes very well with others at this price point.

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    Thanks for the comment Gary, I’m a Georgia guy too, although a little further south.

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