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Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey Review

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If you’re looking for something as a mixer where Bourbon isn’t the dominant ingredient, like a cola, this might be worth having. For the most part, I’d rate this a bust. For my fellow Bourbon & Banter writers, I took one for the team.Jeff Schwartz

Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey

  • DISTILLER: Undisclosed, but evidence points to Buffalo Trace’s Barton 1792 Distillery as the source
  • MASH BILL: Undisclosed
  • AGE: No formal age statement, but as a “straight whiskey” it is at least two years old.
  • YEAR: 2016
  • PROOF: 90 (45% ABV)
  • MSRP: $14.99
NOSE: Sweet Candied Corn | Marshmallow | Oak | Astringent

TASTE: Young Oak | Spice | Cinnamon | Caramel

FINISH: It becomes obvious this is a younger Bourbon. Despite the candied nose, there’s a burn, but it is a short burn. What follows is a cough syrup taste that sticks around and makes me do the bitter beer face thing.

SHARE WITH: Friends who have been drinking a lot and you want to see if their taste buds are still working. You know, for a good laugh.

WORTH THE PRICE: I’ve had much better for less.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: If you’re looking for something as a mixer where Bourbon isn’t the dominant ingredient, like a cola, this might be worth having. For the most part, I’d rate this a bust. For my fellow Bourbon & Banter writers, I took one for the team.

OVERALL: While Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey offers highly desirable appearance qualities, in the end, what counts is how whiskey engages with my palate. Adding a splash of water improved the experience, but even so, I found this Bourbon to be an overall disappointment and earns its position on the bottom shelf.

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Review Backstory

I am Mr. #RespectTheBottomShelf. I’m not afraid of “cheap” whiskey, and, in fact, when I see something super-affordable, it piques my curiosity. Normally, I make a mental note to keep the bottle in mind for my next bar tasting. There are times, however, when I come across something that I know won’t be at any bar, such as a store pick or something similar. There are just times when I’m willing to take a chance – if the price is right.

While shopping at Trader Joe’s, I stumbled upon an attractive bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. A closer look showed it was Trader Joe’s private label. The next thing I noticed was the $14.99 price tag. The wheels in my head started spinning. Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck is a $2.00 wine that gets some decent accolades. If you don’t mind how it is made, it can be a very attractive buy. This being a Straight Bourbon, I know it has to meet some pretty rigorous guidelines to be labeled as such.

The bottle shape looked very familiar, the label stated, Distilled by Bourbon Square Distilling Company in Louisville. I couldn’t place it, but the bottle shape left me very curious. Heck, it was only $15, I’ve spent more than that on a single pour in a bar many times over. This was relatively low risk.

As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was research online to discover that Bourbon Square Distilling Company is actually Buffalo Trace. That’s when the bottle’s familiar shape made sense – they used a Stagg, Jr. bottle, but with a screw top instead of cork.

I also learned Buffalo Trace used their Barton 1792 distillery to create the juice. That really got me excited because, at this price point, I was thinking Very Old Barton, of which I am a huge fan. I opened the bottle, poured myself a dram or so, and then let it rest for about 20 minutes before my first taste.

In the meanwhile, I was making my usual observations. The color is a slightly reddish amber. I have no idea how old the whiskey is, but it is an attractive color. Swirling it in my glass left surprisingly long legs that just stuck around. It was very enticing.

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Known throughout Wisconsin (and now the world) as Whiskeyfellow, Jeff was a late-bloomer to the Wonderful World of Whiskey. At the suggestion of his wife, he started with Scotch and was hooked. He was under the impression that he was happy. A friend asked him several times to try Bourbon, and he eventually gave in, only to fall completely in love with it. Those first steps started him on his #DrinkCurious adventure that led him to #RespectTheBottomShelf. Jeff now relishes many types of whiskeys, ranging from the super-affordable to the super-premium and everything in between. Aside from simply sipping and writing about it, Jeff now enjoys spreading the whiskey gospel by hosting educational tasting events. Read Jeff's full profile.


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    Straight is an age statement. It’s at least two years old. Might be more, but it’s not NAS.

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