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The Pogues Irish Whiskey Review

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This whiskey is a measure of who we are, made with the sole intention of spreading that same raucous joy.
If you’re drinking you’re welcome, pull up a seat and pour.
If not, póg mo thóin.The Pogues
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The Pogues Irish Whiskey

  • DISTILLER: West Cork Distillers | Brand Website
  • MASH BILL: 50% 10 year-old single malt and seven year-old Irish malt whiskey aged in Bourbon oak barrels and 50% four year-old single grain aged in Bourbon oak casks.
  • AGE: 3 years and one day.
  • YEAR: 2017
  • PROOF: 80 (40% ABV)
  • MSRP: $31.99 – $39.99
NOSE: Honey Ι Apricot Ι Dark Fruits Ι Vanilla Essence

TASTE: Spicy Ι Blackcurrant Ι Malt Milk Ι Chocolate Ι Caramelized Red Fruits

FINISH: Toffee Ι Spice Ι Dark Chocolate

SHARE WITH: Fans of the band, or friends who are fairly new to Irish whiskey. This is definitely not one for the more experienced or refined Irish whiskey drinker.

WORTH THE PRICE: Just about. For the quality, the price is okay especially if you can get it at the lower end of the range. However, you will get better Irish whiskey in a similar price range.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST: This is not a whiskey that you’ll readily see in most bars, but if you do it’s definitely worth a try. If not and you have a friend who has a bottle, ask them for a sample. For me, it’s a bust.

OVERALL: Branded The Original Irish Whiskey of the Legendary Band, what West Cork Distillers have attempted is to capture the spirit of The Pogues in a bottle. Have they succeeded? Well, yes and no. Like the band’s raucous reputation, the whiskey is a bit rough and ready. It does have a smooth side, but the rougher, spicy edges are more prominent. Unlike the band, however, this whiskey is far from legendary. A higher proof could have made all the difference, perhaps packing that little bit of extra punch to make you sit up and take more notice. In essence, this whiskey is not the headline act, rather more the support act which some will like and others won’t pay much attention to. If you’re a major fan of The Pogues you may want to check out Limited Edition Fairytale of New York 30th Anniversary edition and pick it up, purely for the novelty factor. It’s the same whiskey, the only difference being it comes in a nicely designed tin which includes a booklet detailing how the classic Christmas song was born, and how band came to have its own whiskey.

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  2. Avatar

    Thanks for this. You probably saved me a bit of money. I think I will try to find a taste before buying, as it sounds a bit unrefined for my tastes.

  3. Avatar

    The Whiskey sounds like a ‘B’ side but the Limited Edition would be worth it if only for the tin!

  4. Avatar

    Definitely not in the class of other West Cork legends..Middleton. Or even the Kilbeggan 8 yr old single pot still

  5. Avatar

    Thanks for the write up, Al! Sounds like more of a niche whiskey for fans of the band. I’ll stick with Teeling Small Batch for my budget Irish bottle

  6. Avatar

    Nice solid review. Will help with my next Irish Whiskey purchase.

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for the review. Very helpful. I think I will give this particular one a miss and go searching some of the other Irish whiskey labels.

  8. Avatar

    Informative review – will definitely help me decide about what I spend my money on when next thinking buying a bottle for my other half!! Shame this is more of a disappointment than a ‘fairytale.’

  9. Avatar

    Great review, cheers. I’ve noticed this on the shelf quite a few times while deciding what would be my next purchase but had never heard anything about it. Think I’ll stick with jamesons and red breast for ‘re time being although I am a bit of a sucker for novelty packaging and unique bottles.


  10. Avatar

    I think the whiskey matches the band perfectly, with its roughness like most of their songs but also has a smoothness which I personally really like, but I am a huge fan of the band.

  11. Avatar

    You are dead wrong about how long this spirit has been aged. The “three years” business is a lyric from one of the band’s greatest hits. Do some research!

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