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Balls of Steel Review: The Hands on Edition

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What if you could chill your whiskey while also doing good?

That’s the premise behind OriginalBOS’s newest product – Balls of Steel. Billed as “drink chillers with a cause”, Balls of Steel are a new twist on the concept of chilling your whiskey without having to use ice which can often dilute your whiskey’s flavor. Just like whiskey stones which have been on the market for years, Balls of Steel are placed in your freezer for a period of time before being added to your whiskey. Unlike whiskey stones though, Balls of Steel are spherical in shape (as you would expect by the name) and crafted of a high-grade stainless steel that prevents them from picking up freezer odors and makes cleaning them a snap.

So how does one do good while chilling their whiskey with Balls of Steel?

It turns out that OriginalBOS donates “15% of ALL profits directly towards testicular cancer research and testicular cancer communities”. A fact that should not only make you feel better when you purchase a set but also helps to explain the product name.

I’ll have to be honest. I’ve never found any of the existing whiskey stone products to be very effective at lowering the temperature of my whiskey. Ice works much better for me and allows me more freedom since I don’t have to plan ahead to have the whiskey stones chilled when I want to enjoy a glass of whiskey.  And let’s not forget that most of us probably drink at least 2 glasses at a sitting requiring an extra set of whiskey stones for each additional glass we drink. But hey, I’m willing to keep an open mind in checking Balls of Steel out. Let’s get on with things and check out my hands on review of Balls of Steel.



Quick summary of my thoughts regarding Balls of Steel:

  • Pros: Actually cooled down my whiskey | Great design & packaging | Committed to a great cause | Clever name & fun concept
  • Cons: Balls are heavy & could chip glass | Have to take them out to drink | Whiskey warms back up when removed | Ice is just more convenient when drinking multiple glasses of whiskey
  • Bottom-line: Balls of Steel are a clever concept done right. Great design, packaging & cause. I’m still not sold on drink chillers as a required accessory when it comes to drinking whiskey (ice works best) but if you’re a fan of whiskey stones, looking for something fun to check out or you want to support a great cause Balls of Steel should be your goto option.

Learn more about OriginalBOS and Balls of Steel via their website and place an order for your own set of Balls of Steel or purchase a few sets as holiday gifts.  Don’t forget that 15% of each purchase’s net proceeds go to fund testicular cancer research.

You can also check out this  video to learn a little bit more about the product. 


Win your very own Balls of Steel (contest is now closed)

So what do you think of Balls of Steel so far? Would you like to give them a try for free? Thanks to OriginalBOS we’ve got a free set of Balls of Steel to give away to one lucky Bourbon & Banter reader.  To enter to win please follow these simple steps:

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  2. Enter the giveaway by entering your name and email using this link.

That’s all. We’ll select a winner on Sunday, November 10th.  Good luck!



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