Art Eatables Bourbon Truffles Photo

Thank God for Bourbon, Chocolate & Art Eatables

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Art Eatables Bourbon Truffles Photo

Long-time readers of Bourbon & Banter may recall a post I did months ago singing the praises of Art Eatables’ bourbon truffles. They were, and still are, the best bourbon chocolates I’ve ever eaten. But what’s even more impressive about Art Eatables is how founders, Kelly and Forest, have taken their love of bourbon and chocolate and built a business that is truly in sync with what’s going on within the bourbon industry. I’ve watched their progress over the last 12+months as they went from a home-based operation to opening a store (always a risky move) and building relationships with the titans of the bourbon world that have led to their chocolates being featured across the bourbon landscape.

It’s a wonderful story to watch unfold. I couldn’t be happier for both of them on their success. Best of all, I know this is just the start for Art Eatables. They’ve got some big dreams and goals ahead of them and it’s just a matter of time before they make them come true.

I’m thrilled to call them my friends and to have the opportunity to travel together on our distinct, but intertwined, bourbon journeys. 

10% Discount During Bourbon Heritage Month

As a result of our shared bourbon journey, Art Eatables has graciously offered to provide Bourbon & Banter readers 10% off their entire order of bourbon truffles throughout the month of September in celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month. To qualify for this amazing discount you need to ‘Like’/follow both Art Eatables and Bourbon & Banter on Facebook or Twitter and then call or email them to place your order and let them know you saw this offer on our website. To quickly review how to get the discount:

1) Like both Art Eatables and Bourbon & Banter on Facebook or follow both of us on Twitter. (@ArtEatables  and @BourbonBanter )

2) Check out the available truffles on Art Eatables’ website

3) Call (502) 589-0210 or email Art Eatables to place your order

4) Mention the discount and that you found it on the Bourbon & Banter website

5) Save 10% and wait for the world’s best bourbon truffles to arrive for your enjoyment

Pretty easy, right? But wait…there’s more.


Twitter Truffle Giveaway (updated as of Sunday, September 29th)

We’re giving away an 8 piece box of their Taste of the Trail truffles (featuring a truffle for every distillery on the bourbon trail) to one lucky Twitter follower tomorrow, Monday the 8th 30th.

For a chance to with the truffles please follow @ArtEatables and @BourbonBanter and then tweet the following anytime between now and 10 pm CT on Monday*:

“Thank goodness for #chocolate, #bourbon, @ArtEatables & @BourbonBanter. Happy Bourbon Heritage month!”

We’ll randomly select a winner from everyone who has tweeted the above message and is following both of us on Twitter. It’s an easy way to win some great bourbon truffles and spread the bourbon gospel.

Good luck and let us know what you think of Art Eatables’ truffles when your order arrives.



*Please only Tweet the required message one time on Twitter. Multiple tweets will not improve your odds of winning.



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