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Ranger’s Station Candle Company Review

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My wife keeps asking me what I want for Father’s Day.  As a whiskey nerd, this is a dangerous question.  Two years ago, I told her that I wanted a bottle of William Larue Weller.  She went looking for it in a few liquor stores.  Discouraged, she called a good friend of mine who explained to her that she couldn’t find that in a store in June (or even October).  “So what should I get him?” she asked.

Bourbon & Banter has published a holiday gift-giving guide for several years that could work for just about any gift-giving occasion.  You can find it here.  There are plenty of good ideas.

Here is another idea: Send your significant other the link to the Ranger Station Candle Company website.

Full disclosure: I HATE SCENTED CANDLES. But these Ranger’s Station scented candles are a far cry from the Yankee Candle Store in the mall.  I will walk all the way around the mall to avoid the horrid-smelling Yankee Candle store.  This is my point – many women go to these places to buy candles for the house and then your home smells like the horrid-smelling store.

Ranger’s Station candles SMELL AWESOME.  All of them.  I visited their Chandler shop recently and smelled all their candle scents.  I enjoyed the experience.  More importantly, I discovered that they pour their candles into rocks glasses!  I was a little skeptical that you could clean a rocks glass that contained a candle effectively for use as a cocktail glass.

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My wife ordered a candle; she picked the scent.  After a few weeks of burning it regularly, the candle was ready for cleaning and transformation into a cocktail glass.  I didn’t follow the instructions for cleaning on the website.  I just pulled the wick, used a metal spoon to get most of the wax out and then stuck it in the dishwasher.  It came out as clean as my other rocks glasses and worked well.

Problem solved: My wife got to buy a gift for me under $50 for a minor holiday that I would use and enjoy. It was whiskey-related and did not involve a bottle of bottom shelf juice.  Now I respect the bottom shelf, but I don’t want to send my wife into a liquor store to guess which bottle I would appreciate.  Check out Ranger Station and let us know what you think.

They currently offer:

  • Leather + Pine
  • Tobacco + Musk (pictured below)
  • Oakmoss
  • Woodsmoke

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Disclosure: Special thanks to the fine folks at Ranger Station Candle Company for providing us is with an exclusive discount offer for our readers.

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