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Auchentoshan “The Bartender’s Malt” Scotch Review

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The Bartender׳s Malt is a bespoke collaboration of whiskies selected by 12 of the most innovative bartenders in the world. The malt ranges from 5 different decades, matured in a diverse range of oaks including American and European, as well as a variety of sherry casks, red wine barriques and German Oak.Auchenoshan
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Auchentoshan "The Bartender's Malt"

NOSE:  Honey  |  Dried Fruits  |  Light Vanilla  |  Chocolate

TASTE:  Citrus  |  Cereal  |  Nutmeg  |  Ginger Beer

FINISH:  Long, sweet and slightly smoky with black pepper.

SHARE WITH:  Anyone who enjoys Lowland Scotches.

WORTH THE PRICE:  Absolutely.

BOTTLE, BAR OR BUST:  At this price, I’d buy a Bottle all day long.

OVERALL:   If you’re not a Scotch fan because things like peat or band-aid qualities turn you off, you really should consider a Lowland Scotch. There aren’t a lot of Lowland distilleries, and in my opinion, Auchentoshan does a consistent job of representing the region.

The Bartender’s Malt is the first of a proposed series of limited edition Scotches for the distillery. In this initial offering, twelve bartenders from around the world collaborated to create a whisky by the bartender for the bartender.  The idea behind this is to give bartenders a Scotch that could be served neat or made into various cocktails.  I chose to test this whisky neat.

The Bartender’s Malt is non-chill filtered and retains its natural color. That’s important to know because distilleries are allowed to artificially color their whiskies to make them appear more appetizing.  That shouldn’t be an issue with this Single Malt, as the brassy and gold color is inviting enough.

The mouthfeel was thick and coated my entire palate. One of the most unusual aspects of the palate was a ginger beer quality on the back. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced that, but it was spicy, sweet and smoky without being peaty.

The Bartender’s Malt isn’t going to blow your socks off, but it is unusual, interesting and very affordable. I enjoyed the heck out of it and it is a very easy Bottle recommendation.

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