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Weller Stagg 2016 – Full Proof America

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For any election to be fair there needs to be at least two viable parties. So when we learned that one of our very own Bourbon & Banter team members – Matt Evans – had gotten some friends together to launch a campaign for Evan Williams and Elijah Craig we knew that some order needed to be injected into the system. Therefore it’s our great pleasure to announce that we’re backing two great American bourbon legends who have been delivering a “full proof America” for years. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to race. It is now a fair fight for the hearts and minds of bourbon drinkers everywhere.

You can purchase your very own Weller Stagg ’16 campaign t-shirt in our online shop.

And unlike certain other election options, a vote for either bourbon party is a vote for America and one that you can proudly admit to in public. Cheers!

Disclosure: Bourbon & Banter is in full collusion with Matt Evans in creation of this secondary ticket and supporting materials. We are open to all bourbon-based bribes, incentives and bartering arrangements. All bourbon-related opinions are a result of drinking bourbon and are clearly not our own. We reserve the right to change our own vote and candidate support depending on what bottle is within in reach or available at retail. And we’d like to point out to our Scotch drinking friends that since they can’t have a horse in this race, they should drink nothing but bourbon through November 8th.

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    I would like to see you come out with another Weller – Stagg 2020 T-Shirt.

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