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Texas Loses Again – Bourbon Podcast #9

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Episode 9 of the official Bourbon & Banter podcast – Texas Loses Again –  is now available for your listening pleasure.

Episode 9 is the final episode of 2020 and formally brings our first year of podcasting to a close. We want to thank all of our listeners for helping us make our first nine episodes such a success. We set out to create a podcast different from others in the market and based on your feedback we've succeeded. Thank you!

To close this dumpster fire of a year out with a bang, we've turned things up for this episode including an extra special bourbon bullshit segment that you wont' want to miss.  We tackle some of the most pressing news breaking in the booze industry including a controversial recount of Woodford Reserves 200 Flavors campaign. There's some mash bill education to boost your BourbonIQ and of course, The Craftshoot. Let's just say this episode's title pretty much sums up this installment of The Craftshoot.

And last, but certainly not least, we lay out what holiday gifts you don't want to buy the whiskey lover in your life. Make sure you have your family and friends listen to avoid receiving another box of whiskey stones for the holidays.

Bourbon Flavor Wheel & Tasting Mats

Makes the perfect Fathers' Day gift. Click, Download, and Give.

As the most honest podcast in bourbon we're don't pull any punches and we tell it like we see it. If you've been searching for a bourbon podcast that provides honest reviews, to the point information, and doesn't take itself too seriously – welcome home!

Here's a complete breakdown of Episode 9 – Texas Loses Again:

  • Whiskey Headlines (8:34)
  • BourbonIQ (23:43)
  • The Craftshoot (31:26)
  • Bourbon Bullshit (40:33)

Don't be that person that only listens to part of the show. We know where you live Barry and Karen. We politely as that you listen to the whole show – especially the opening as we've put together a very special holiday treat for everyone.

Are you ready? Pour yourself a drink, get comfortable and listen to episode #9 using the player above or via your favorite podcast player.

Warning: If you're not comfortable with cussing and swearing, you might want to skip this one folks. It's recorded at barrel strength with full-throttle banter. 

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We sure hope you enjoyed episode #9 of the official Bourbon & Banter podcast and that you'll consider sharing it with your friends. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments below or by sending us an email via our podcast email address.

Have a great weekend and remember to stay safe while you're spreading the bourbon gospel and learning to #drinkcurious.

Hey, wait a minute. You have listened to all of our previous episodes, right? If not, head on over to our Bourbon & Banter Podcast page to get caught up.


Patrick Garrett, "Pops" as he's known to his friends, is the founder of Bourbon & Banter, LLC and claims the title of Chief Drinking Officer (CDO). A long-time marketing professional and photographer, Pops hopes to use his professional experience and love of Bourbon to spread the Bourbon Gospel and help everyone realize the therapeutic power of having a good drink with friends. Read Patrick's full profile.

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The fifteen months Bob Bennett spent living in Lebanon, KY, as a child may have laid the groundwork for what would happen years later (something in the water…literally). Originally from Corning, NY, he grew up in a household where happy hour was celebrated every night. Surprisingly, Bennett didn’t start drinking until he was 23 years old. He quickly made up for lost time, gravitating to bourbon as his preferred libation immediately, and proudly filled the bar that was passed down from his father. In the years that followed, not only did he develop a deeper appreciation for bourbon, but began to cherish the opportunity to talk about the spirit he has grown to love. As the Artistic Director for Jazz St. Louis, Bennett has become the unofficial bourbon ambassador of jazz, spreading the gospel of good taste to musicians everywhere. It also helps endear him to the St. Louis community, which is needed, as bleeding Dodger Blue tends to rub those Cardinal fans the wrong way.
Read Bob's full profile.

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  • Kelly says:

    I am just now catching up with your episodes and found them very entertaining, truthful…well, mostly but more on that next…, and full of information i hadn’t learned elsewhere. The Texas whiskey blind was a highlight and the proof i need that blinds are worthwhile. i have been known to be gullible, but gosh, your Bourbon Bullshit stories got me 2 times before i realized it was not actually news. bravo for making me feel foolish alone in my car and that one time i forwarded the episode about Weller/Cleveland Whiskey to my friend who promptly informed me of my gullible nature.

    • Thanks for the honest feedback. We also appreciate you taking our parody news items in stride. Whiskey folks are taking shit way too seriously and we thought it was time to have some fun and remind people that it’s drinking whiskey with friends that matter. Not how many bottles you can grab for your shelf. Thanks for listening and helping us spread the #bourbongospel. Cheers!

    • Bob Bennett says:

      Thanks for listening Kelly, but I’m not aware of anything we’ve said that wasn’t 100% true…. 😉