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Buffalo Trace 2021 George T. Stagg Non-Release Review

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Every year, I wait longingly for the release of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, praying to snag just one bottle. This set of five ultra premium, highly prized whiskeys from Buffalo Trace garners a wild-eyed, cash-throwing frenzy from bourbon collectors and flippers alike. Many see George T. Stagg as the crown jewel in this esteemed quintet, snagging the top spot on many bourbon-centric listicles. Not only that, the illustrious juice has garnered a gilded and star-studded bouquet of medals from every whiskey awards under the sun, so you know it has to be good.

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Cask & Kettle Hard Coffee Cocktails Review

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The folks at Cask & Kettle are self-proclaimed “hot drink and cocktail lovers.” This affinity led them to create 5 flavors of pre-mixed cocktail pods that only require adding water. In partnership with Temperance Distilling, each pod is equipped with coffee concentrate, booze, and flavoring to craft a cocktail that is ready in no time. Cask & Kettle cocktails come in Irish Coffee, Spiked Dry Cider, Mint Patty Coffee, Hot Blonde Coffee, and Mexican Coffee and range in ABV from 50-76 proof (25-38% ABV). Each are spiked with vodka (with the exception of the Irish Coffee, which also uses Irish Whiskey, and the Mexican Coffee which also uses Tequila).

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Blue Run Golden Rye Whiskey Review

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This is Blue Run’s inaugural rye release schedule to debut on September 6, 2021 – a sourced Kentucky straight rye whiskey. I found this rye to have a super cool funk on the palate with a very heavy note of sorghum sugar, which has a distinct earthy, sweet flavor. For those who are unfamiliar, sorghum is a sweet cereal grain and the plant produces a sap that is then evaporated and jarred as a natural sweetener. The sweetness of this rye makes it a great option for bourbon lovers who are on the fence about rye.

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Tip Top Proper Cocktails Old Fashioned: Your New Favorite Inflight Drink

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I recently took my first post-quarantine flight and, as a former frequent traveler, I had so missed the ritual of snagging a cocktail mid-flight to signal the true end of the day or the beginning of vacation. As our trip to visit family in Florida came to a close, I couldn’t wait to return to my old habits. With the pandemic, many airlines have changed their onboard food and beverage experiences to incur fewer touch points. One such change (and improvement!) is the addition by Delta of two ready to drink (RTD) cocktails by Tip Top. Passengers may choose from an Old Fashioned or a Margarita, both priced at $12 (or $9.60 with a Delta AMEX!), which can be drunk straight from the can or poured over ice.