Paul Needham

Sr. Contributor

A self-made whiskey drinker, Paul’s first foray into the world he now calls home began with a resolution he made to himself on his 25th birthday: Give America’s National Spirit an honest chance. A few months later, Bourbon had risen to the challenge and ignited a love affair that lasts to this day. In addition to being a husband, father-of-two, sports fan, and amateur woodworker, Paul’s interests now include Irish, Canadian, Japanese and Scotch whiskies as well. As a well-rounded whiskey-lover, he firmly believes that there is a whisk(e)y out there for everyone and for every occasion. A life-long educator, Paul loves the opportunity to learn and to teach as he explores the ever-changing world of whiskey. Fellow travelers who are willing to trade tasting notes with an open mind are always welcome on the journey!

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Fun Facts

Graduated with a Sociology of Education degree from the University of Connecticut where he was also Jonathan the Husky

Has been a teacher, or teacher-of-teachers since 2005.

Owns a small woodworking company based out of his home in Pearland, TX.

Loves to pair whisk(e)y with grilled food (wood, charcoal, and smoke when time allows; gas when it doesn’t).

Desert Island Whiskey

Bourbon: Jefferson’s Ocean Age

Rye: High West Rendezvous Rye

Single Malt: Oban 14

Blended Malt: Johnnie Walker Green

Irish: Red Breast 12

“Buy whiskey as if you’ll live forever. Drink and share it as if you’ll die today.” Paul Needham, drunk on a Google Hangout