Matt Self

Sr. Contributor

Raised in the great state of Tennessee, Matt has a hard time admitting the native spirit of the Bluegrass neighbor to the north captured his obsession (& most of his wallet). Having progressed through the red solo cup days to a passion for a barrel-proof wheated bourbon, neat, Matt is always on the hunt for the next bottle. When he is not scouting or sipping bourbon, Matt spends time with his wife and four children. When he needs money for the next trip to Bardstown, Matt manages a wealth management firm. He always buys bourbon to drink and believes nothing should come between friends except two rocks glasses and a three-finger pour.

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the Herd
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& Bunkered
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Fun Facts

Dog is named “George T. Stagg”

Has been the starting pitcher at Fenway Park

It would take over 10 years to drink all his bunkered whiskey at 2 oz/day

Like Kyle George, was also a DJ in a past life

Harvard graduate, but they’ll let anyone in there

Desert Island Whiskey

George T. Stagg

Old Man Winter 18-Year Rye

Parker’s Heritage Collection #4

Any bottle with “Weller” on the label

“Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.”Haruki Murakami